D-Blaze FRTW – “You’d Think an Army of Firefighters was Defending Your Building”

When it comes to safeguarding structures against the ever-present threat of fire, professionals in construction and architecture seek materials that offer superior protection without compromising on quality. D-Blaze fire-retardant treated wood emerges as a stellar choice, embodying the strength and resilience demanded by the industry’s rigorous safety standards. With an impressive legacy that includes use in iconic structures like the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower and One World Trade Center, D-Blaze has become synonymous with reliability and performance in fire protection.

D-Blaze Ad

D-Blaze is engineered to slow the spread of flames and reduce smoke development, two critical factors in enhancing evacuation time and minimizing the potential for damage. Check out our recent advertisement featured in Building Products Digest (BPD) and Merchant Magazine; D-Blaze's effectiveness is likened to having an "army of firefighters" within your walls.

The innovation behind D-Blaze is backed by certifications from leading industry authorities such as the International Code Council (ICC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The ICC-ES Evaluation Report 2645 shows D-Blaze is 2021 code compliant for both the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). These endorsements assure quality and compliance, offering peace of mind to builders and architects who prioritize both safety and adherence to building codes. Moreover, the environmentally conscientious aspect of D-Blaze is evidenced by its GREENGUARD Gold Certification, guaranteeing that it meets stringent standards for low chemical emissions, thus contributing to healthier indoor environments.

D-Blaze’s presence in a building’s architecture speaks volumes about the integrity of the structure and the values of those who designed and built it. As Viance continues to lead with groundbreaking solutions like D-Blaze, the construction and architecture landscapes are witnessing a transformation where safety and sophistication coexist. Experience this evolution and ensure your projects stand out for their resilience and responsible design by choosing D-Blaze — where safety is built-in, not just added on.