Viance has worked extensively to develop UltraPole NXT with DCOI

For wood utility poles and crossarms, offering treaters,
utilities, linemen and homeowners, an environmentally
advanced and tested system.

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So effective you'd think it was installed by firefighters.

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We approached finding a replacement preservative for penta as perhaps the most important decision of our generation. After doing our research, UltraPole NXT was the obvious choice.
-Scott Schneider, President, A Meredith Schneider Co.
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See why the One World Trade Center
was built with D-Blaze Fire Retardant
Treated Wood.

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"The advantage of DCOI for us as a wood crossarm
treater, is the preservative penetrates better than penta.
To our customers, they will not recognize a difference
from penta in color or look of the wood, but they are
getting a product with better treating results.”

-Shannon Terrell, President and CEO, Brooks Manufacturing, Bellingham, WA

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