Interior Framing Protection

TimberSaver® wood treatment solutions for lumber and plywood provide protection against attack from Formosan termites and fungal decay for wood framing in dry interior applications. 

TimberSaver is pressure-treated with a borate-based wood preservative (Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate – DOT) that protects wood against Formosan and other termite species and fungal decay in interior wood framing. The treatment is colorless, but is available with a blue dye to make job-site product identification easier. 

TimberSaver PT treated lumber comes with a 20-year transferable limited warranty.

Timbersaver Blue Framing With Family Copy

Enhanced Borate Protection for Interior Framing and Sheathing

Termite attack on wooden structures in the United States leads to billions of dollars in damages each year. Formosan termite activity in Hawaii and the southern US has been well-documented and has led to a significant increase in the degrees and rate of termite damage to homes and commercial structures. For interior applications such as wood frame construction and interior sheathing applications, TimberSaver® protects against damage from termites, including Formosans, as well as fungal decay.

TimberSaver treated lumber and plywood are not suitable for applications exposed to the weather or in contact with the ground. TimberSaver treated wood products must be protected from exposure to water and wet weather while in transit and in storage at retail yards and job sites.

Product Applications

Wood Frame Construction and Sheathing

  • Interior wall framing

    Framing Lumber and Studs

  • Timber Floor Joists First Floor

    Sill Plates and Floor Joists

  • Construction Roof Framing

    Roof Rafters and Trusses

  • Interior Wall

    Interior Sheathing, Furring Strips and Flooring

  • Treated Lumber Wood Trim

    Moldings and Wood Trim

The Qualities That Matter to You

Exterior Sheathing on house

Protection against termites and other wood destroying insects and fungal decay; non-toxic to humans and animals

Penetrates difficult-to-treat refractory species such as Spruce-Pine-Fir and Douglas Fir wood framing

Interior wall framing

20-Year Transferable Warranty protects the long-term performance of your project.