X-Ray Fluorescence for the Analysis of DCOI in the Industrial Market

XRF to determine elemental composition of a sample

Article authors:  

Ryan Sturdivant, Viance, Charlotte, NC 

Vicki Luckie, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science America, Inc., Westford, MA

Robert P. Bartek, Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc., Austin, TX


X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) has been used in the wood treating industry for decades as a simple, quick, non-destructive way to measure treating actives in treated wood and treating solutions. Current XRF technologies on the market can analyze many treating actives without costly configuration changes that were previously required. A method was developed and validated for the determination of DCOI in oil-borne treating solutions and treated wood. Data were developed using two different commercially available analyzers: The Hitachi Lab-X5000 and the Rigaku NEXQC. The data show that the method can be used for both treating quality control as well as determination of chemical treatment in unknown samples.

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