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Code Confirming Wood Design 2015 IBC


D-Blaze Fact Sheet - French

D-Blaze Technical Specifications - French

D-Blaze Technical Bulletin - FRTW FAQs

D-Blaze Technical Bulletin - FRTW in Contact with Concrete or Masonry Foundations

D-Blaze Technical Bulletin - Finishing and Use of Adhesives

D-Blaze Technical Bulletin - NFPA 703-12 Edition

D Blaze Technical Bulletin - 2015 IRC Section R302 Fire-Resistant Construction

D-Blaze Technical Bulletin - Winanday & Associates Substitution of FRTW for untreated lumber and plywood in manufactured wall assemblies

Viance Preserve CA NGBS Green Certification

Preserve ACQ NGBS Green Certification

Ecolife NGBS Green Certification

ESR 2645 2020 with California Supplement

Preserve ACQ NGBS Green Certification

SDS Ecolife EL2 Pressure Treated Wood

Viance Ecolife NGBS Green Certification


UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification - D-Blaze FRT Lumber and Plywood

UL GREENGUARD Certification - D-Blaze FRT Lumber and Plywood

D-Blaze - UL GreenGuard Certification Test Report

Ultrapole NXT Information Sheet

UltraArm NXT Information Sheet

UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT Information Sheet

NADRA Deck Safety Month Checklist

UltraPole-NXT Fact-Sheet

UltraARM-NXT Fact-Sheet


Ecolife FAQs

SDS Preserve ACQ and Preserve Plus Pressure Treated Wood

SDS Supa Timber CCA Pressure Treated Wood

Ecolife Lifetime Limited Warranty

D-Blaze Technical Bulletins - French

Preserve Technical Bulletin CSA O80 Use Cat

DesignWood Technical Bulletin - Canadian Standards Association O80 Use Category 4.2

DesignWood - Parks Canada

UltraPole NXT for SYP Information Sheet

UltraPole NXT with DCOI Fact Sheet

UltraPole NXT for Douglas-fir Information Sheet

Small Scale Fire Testing of DCOI Treated Utility Poles

Preserve CA Warranty - USA

Preserve CA Information Sheet - US

Preserve ACQ Fact Sheet - US

Preserve CA Fact Sheet - Canada

D-Blaze Warranty - French

Preserve CA and ACQ Similarities and Differences

SDS Timber Saver Borate Pressure Treated Wood

Preserve CA Technical Bulletin - US and Canada

D-Blaze VOC Content and Red List Compliance

DCOI Oilborne XRF Analysis AWPA Paper 2020