Ecolife® Treated Wood Videos

Watch the videos below to see why Ecolife treated wood is more environmentally advanced with benefits for treaters, dealers, contractors and homeowners. Ecolife is a non-metallic wood preservative for above ground use and is the only AWPA standardized wood treatment preservative with an integrated stabilizer. 

For wood treaters, the Ecolife treatment process requires no mixing of separate ingredients so wood is treated with the same consistent formulation every time. Dealers, contractors and homeowners can depend on unmatched quality with less cull, complaints or call backs because wood stays straighter longer, reduces checking compared to ordinary treated lumber, with water repellency that lasts up to three years.

Ecolife educational video

Below is the 38-second video, real time comparison on the difference between Ecolife treated lumber and ordinary treated lumber. 

For more information and technical documents on Ecolife treated wood, click here.

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