Highly rated wood deck cleaners in 2022

Cleaning your wood deck

This bulletin provides suggestions for effective wood cleaners based on recent surveys of the most effective and top-rated wood cleaners.*

The purpose of wood deck cleaners is to remove dirt, mold, algae, and oxidation (graying). Many different brands and formulations of wood deck cleaners are available in the marketplace, and they can be applied using a variety of methods e.g., spray, scrub, or power wash.

Because most deck cleaners raise the pH in wood, it is important after using a cleaner to neutralize the pH. This is most commonly achieved using a deck brightener. This bulletin does not include surveys on deck brighteners but are included with other products surveyed.

We compiled the most highly-rated products listed below based on nine wood cleaner tests and surveys conducted in 2022

top rated wood deck cleaners in 2022

Top-rated Products Compiled from the Below 2022 Tests/Surveys

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    * Disclaimer: The information contained in this bulletin is provided in good faith and should be used for general information only. Viance, LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, suitability and fitness for purpose of the deck cleaning products mentioned in this report. Viance, LLC expressly disclaims, and does not undertake or assume any duty, obligation, or responsibility for any decisions, reactions, responses, actions, failure to act, by you or any other person or party as a result of or in reliance on, in whole or in part, the information contained in this bulletin, or for any consequences or outcomes arising from or caused by any such decisions, reactions, responses, actions, or failures to act. This bulletin does not cover other products or surveys that may have been conducted this year and does not imply other products are not as effective.

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